Ammo, Primers, Powder, Dies! Lots For Sale

I have a massive amount of ammo, primers, powder, some .44 dies, Franklin Arsenal tumbler to sell. I am in the OKanagan area and will deliver if you buy enough or you can pick up. Will not ship as just too heavy. My email is: if you need pics.

Federal Champion Value pacs .22 LR, 525 rounds per pac – 5 pacs $40 each
CCI Standard Vel 100 pacs 5 avail @ $10 each
Remington Golden Bullet Brass Plated Hollow Points .22LR, 525 round pacs – 3 pacs $45 per pac
Winchester Copper HP 333 round pacs 8 pacs avail $25 each
Remington .22 Thunderbolt High Vel 500 pacs 5 avail $25 each
Remington .22LR Hi Vel Plated Round Nose 100 pacs 25 avail $10 each
CCI .22 Target Shorts 100 pacs have 100 $10 each
CCI Std Vel LR 100 pacs 50 pacs avail $10 each pac
CCI Std Vel LR 500 rnd brincks have 8 bricks $50 per brick
Winchester T22 .22 std vel target 10 bricks avail $50 per brick
Remington .22 Target Std Vel 5 bricks of 500 $50 per brick
American Eagle .22LR High Vel 40 Grain Solid 3 bricks of 500 $45 per brick
Primers Cominion Arms Small Pistol Case $200

And so much more! Please email for more items and pricing

End of Life Firearms

Looking for firearms at end of life condition. All makes & models accepted. Once refurbished, if possible, these firearms will be used for training programs for both young and old enthusiasts. Please call if you have any questions or firearms to arrange pickup.

KDFGC 250-764-7558

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