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22 Aug 2023 2:39 PM | Anonymous

Members of the 1500 Discipline hosted their first CPCA Sanctioned “Invitational” P.P.C. Tournament (open to guest shooters) on Sunday, July 23, 2023.  Up to this point in our Discipline’s development we have conducted Sanctioned Matches that were restricted to our members only, allowing them to gain match experience and to become classified shooters within PPC.

Out of necessity, our Tournament’s was of limited size,  but still provided an overall positive experience in hosting the series of matches making up the Event.   Our members competed, but when not on the line firing, provided the required logistical match support ranging from Range Officer(s) - Calling the Line, Line Officers (line judges), Match Referee, Registration & Statistical Office Duties.   And, importantly acted as ambassador / representatives of the KDFGC.

The day went without a hitch.  Sunny weather prevailed, with temperatures in the 23 ⁰ & 32 ⁰ C. range.   Nine individual 1500 matches were shot by the competitors covering the full gamut of the 1500 PPC game, representing 1500 Revolver, 1500 Semi-Auto & 1500 Optical  (using either revolvers or semi-auto handguns).   This was the first time in one of our sanctioned matches where we had nine matches fired, being the most under match conditions on the same day.

While no personal bests were fired during any of the matches, our club members - Dennis K. fired the high 1500 Revolver score,  Travis B. the high 1500 Semi-Auto;  and guest competitor Russell S. from Aldergrove, the high Optical - using an Revolver with Optical Sights.  The experience gained by our 1500 Group Members was invaluable – from their pre-tournament range set-up, shooting in a slightly larger event than they were used to and under more formal / stricter tournament guidelines & organized structure.   And a lot of fun was had in the process.

We have further planned Sanctioned Matches (these being only open to KDFGC 1500 members) on Sundays  -  Aug 27,  Sept 24  &  Oct 22.   As well the 1500 Discipline will continue with its twice weekly morning practices (Wednesdays & Sundays) until the end of the outdoor season (then we expect to shift our activities to the Indoor Range).   Our practice sessions provide repetition of match stages, or the breaking down of stages into individual shooting positions, timings, coaching & tips and are geared to what the members want / needs as identified.

We encourage members of KDFGC to join in with us.  There are certain pre-requirements to participate in our sport such as holster / positional training, either via the KDFGC Level 1  &  II Handgun Courses, or being grandfathered via prior similar training, based on past PPC experience.  Those details, on an individual basis, can be determined prior to join us by getting ahold of us through the KDFGC Office.   We can also provide guidance on the various equipment requirements, with practice day requirements less stringent, but sanctioned matches need to follow specific rules of the sport as regulated by our National Body.

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