Pistol Range

New Pistol Range Open:
Access and Parking:
Vehicle access to the range is from the West side of the Trap parking lot.  Parking is clearly marked near the new building.
Once parked, please take your CASED firearm from your vehicle and enter the building through the entrance door only.  Firearms must be uncased on the firing line bench. All firing must occur from the designated shooting positions inside the building, no shooting from outside the building.  All posted rules must be adhered to and membership cards must be presented for inspection by a Range Officer on request.
Authorized Firearms:
Pistols (no holster) and rimfire rifles.  Shotgun patterning is permitted from one clearly marked shooting stall inside the building.
Questions, comments or concerns:
Please contact the Range Manager, Craig Hartwick, via email at: rangeops@kdfgc.org or stop by the office.

A brief description of the outdoor range sometimes referred to as the “plinking” bay:

  • eight-position, covered, firing point
  • target board at 25 meters
  • can be used for all pistol calibres and small-bore rifle
  • shotgun patterning range
  • nearby outdoor portable toilet
  • vehicle parking adjacent to the range