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Handgun Qualification Test 

At the completion of the Handgun Safety Qualification Course, participants will be tested before they can shoot UNSUPERVISED on a KDFGC Pistol Range.  It is possible to challenge the Handgun Safety Qualification Test without taking the Handgun Safety Qualification Course but this is not generally recommended and must take the Handgun Safety Qualification Course if they fail the test.


The Range Safety Qualification Test is administered by Club approved Instructors according to the criteria listed below.  To pass the test, Members must successfully demonstrate all of the following.  A pass or fail is at the sole discretion of the examiner. 


Safely Arrived on Range

1 Firearm arrived cased and secured as per regulations    
2 Wore adequate ear and eye protection    
3 Wore appropriate clothing and footwear    
4 Wore member identification    
5 Got permission from Range Officer to cross safety line and uncase    
6 Uncased firearm safely on firing line    
7 PROVEd firearm safe    
8 Maintained muzzle direction down range    

Safely Followed "Post Target" Command

1 Crossed safety & firing lines only after permission of Range Officer    
2 Target posted on approved target stand with line of fire into backstop    
3 Stayed visible to firing line    
4 Never approached the firing line    

Safely Followed "Commence Fire" Command

1 Crossed safety line only after permission given by Range Officer    
2 Safely picked up and gripped firearm from bench    
3 Firearm always pointed downrange    
4 Safely loaded and reloaded firearm    
5 Finger(s) always off trigger & out of trigger guard until aiming at target    
6 All shots aimed and into backstop    
7 Consistently hit a 12 inch target at 7 meters (Min. 80% on target)    
8 Identified and safely cleared Type 1, Type 2, and SQUIB malfunctions    

Safely Followed "Cease Fire" Command

1 Finger(s) off trigger and out of trigger guard    
2 Magazines removed (*if applicable)    
3 Action opened and all ammunition removed    
4 Visually/physically checked chamber is clear    
5 Visually/physically checked feed way is clear    
6 Firearm placed on bench with action open for inspection by Range Officer    
7 Firearm always pointed downrange during “Make Safe” process    
8 Immediately stepped behind safety line when finished    

Safely Issued "Check Targets" Command

1 Checked that range was safe and everyone was behind safety line    
2 Oversaw posting/patching/removal of targets    
3 Checked all targets posted on approved target boards    
4 Checked all targets posted with line of fire into backstop    
5 Oversaw that no one approached from firing line    
6 Oversaw that everyone returned to behind safety line    

Correctly Issued "Cease Fire" Command

1 Oversaw “Make Safe” process by shooters    
2 Oversaw all shooters behind safety line    
3 Checked all firearm on benches were in a “safe” condition    

Correctly Issued "Commence Fire" Command

1 Issued “Eyes and Ears” command and checked for compliance    
2 Checked that range was safe and everyone was behind the firing line    
3 Monitored range safety during live fire    

Safely Ended Shooting Session

1 PROVEd firearm safe prior to casing    
2 Cased firearm on firing line    
3 Maintained muzzle direction down range while casing    

General Safety

1 Never crossed safety line without permission of the Range Officer    
2 Never crossed firing line without permission of Range Officer    
3 Muzzle direction always maintained downrange    
4 Finger(s) always out of trigger guard while firearm not aimed at target    
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