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Weekends: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Archery Range Rules

The following Range Safety rules exist for safe and courteous shooting while using the Club's shooting ranges. In addition to the Range Safety Rules specified here. unique rules and safety recommendations exist for different ranges and shooting disciplines.  It is the responsibility of each member to know the rules that apply to the range and discipline they are using.

KDFGC archery includes compound, recurve, and traditional bows. Crossbows are also permitted.

  • It is strictly prohibited for anyone to consume or be under the influence of alcohol or any drug, prescription or otherwise, that can impair a Member's or Guest's judgement or reflexes while on a range.
  • Range Officer: When shooting together, groups of archers shall identify a range officer to use whistle or voice to control safe shooting by calling 'Clear to shoot' and "Get / fetch arrows".
  • Range officers have full control over the range and all shooters.  Obey their instructions at all times.
  • All Guests and Junior Members must be supervised by an Adult Member. 
  • Do not go behind targets or out of sight to find arrows without alerting the Range Officer.
  • To shoot on the Archery Field Course (aka Sherwood Forest) you must first take the Archery Field Course.  For more information contact the Club Office.
  • Broadheads:  Braodhead arrows are only permitted in the designated Broadhead Range with sand pit.
  • Lost & Found: Do not take home found arrows or gear.  Please bring found arrows or gear to Club Office, the found arrows bin at the Field Archery Range, or the bench at the indoor range. 
  • Targets: Paper targets, score cards, etc, are not supplied by the club.  Outdoor targets are voluntarily maintained by the archery members.  Please respect and care for the targets.
  • Club bows and archery equipment are for members and their guests during indoor archery sessions. All other use of the club equipment must be approved by the Club's Archery Director in advance.  
  • Competition targets (field & 3D) are for approved events only.
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