Junior Shooters

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Some info on our Jr Shooters/Adult small bore program
1: Start Sept 17th.  Opens 6PM close 9PM Alternate Tuesdays
2: Children must be 10 years old ( arm strength required to hold the firearm)
3: Club supplies firearm, ammunition, hear protection and safety glasses. Personal firearms not permitted . Personal eye and hearing protection is allowed .
4: Our program includes safety instruction and continued monitoring, range rules, safe handling of firearms, shooting positioning.
5: Costs to attend. Club membership either as a Junior, family plan, regular membership. ( contact our office for fee pricing), $5 drop in fee each time you attend. Ammunition card $15 which will last for  4 or 5 nites of shooting.
6: Some tips: Long hair should be tied back in a pony tail fashion( hearing protection works better) Long sleeved shirt ( our building has a large air exchange unit which keeps the range cool) If you wear prescription glasses make sure they come along. A baseball type cap sometimes helps with ear protection fitting.
7: There will be 3 “classes” first at 6 PM for younger members, 7 PM for older, and more experienced Junior shooters, and 8PM for Adult Shooters.
8: Most nights we are able to have each person fire 100 to 125 rounds. ( less if you wish)  One on One attention until you are familiar with rules, and firearm handling .  Continued supervision throughout. There is a viewing area.
9: The range is indoors, ( Lower portion) of our club house and can be accessed  through the main gate which will be open. Lots of parking spots.
10: Contact person Ron Milani 250 860 4580  (answering machine will pick up if I am not home. Check club house business hours for purchase of membership . )     xyzmilani@telus.net  is my personal email and I will answer within a day.
11: Our air rifles and air hand guns have just been all overhauled and there will be some nights during the year we will be using those. The are different and fun to shoot.
12: If you bring a guest ( visitor) the guest ( if they do not have proof of club membership) will be charged an extra $5  drop in fee to cover insurance etc. Those guests  will only be allowed one visit as a guest, after that full membership is required. .
13: All our firearms are in good condition and monitored closely. SAFETY is first priority. No horseplay, or ” fooling around” allowed . Our instructors are experienced.
14: Don’t forget to check out Junior Archery too.!!


Ron Milani